Get NIN with your phone

This is the simple truth abouth this.

Get your National Identification Number for Naija to avoid your Sim Card being shutdown

NIMC has setup a USSD server to dispense NIN number to Nigerians from the comfort of our homes.

Dial * 346# and follow the screen prompts.

Your NIN will be displayed.

*Caution:* Before dialing this code, ensure you do the following:

You must dial from a SIM that is associated with a previous registration of either voter’s card, drivers licence, BVN or any other registration that captured your thumbprint and passport.

No credit charges on your lines at all.

Prepare a sheet of paper and pen or get ready to screenshot the NIN when displayed, as it will not be displayed more than once and can’t be saved once displayed.

Do not try the code if your battery is low

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